Posted: August 14, 2011 in Economy

I thought for a while about how I wanted to use this blog, but I keep coming back to the economic malaise that has befallen most of the world and the US in particular. It seems to me that lately we’ve just been managing to get by. Congress and the President barely passed the debt ceiling increase, and by all accounts it doesn’t go far enough to stabilize things in a way as to allow for job creation to actually get under way. The various economic stimulus programs back through the Bush White House through the current administration have all been well-intentioned, but didn’t seem to reflect a studied approach to not only the short-term needs but how to address the long-term structural problems our economy faces.

My hope is that whomever stops by here is inspired to discuss, debate, and most importantly think about what needs to be done to kick-start the economic recovery and how to do it. I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts. Please, just keep it civil.


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