A New Chapter

Posted: April 15, 2016 in California, Canada, Jobs, Planning, Transportation

Well. I am beginning a new chapter in my quest to do more than just get by. My time in Canada has come to an end, and I have returned to California. I am currently jobless, but I did get a decent severance package which will hopefully not be substantially needed while I job hunt for urban planning opportunities up and down the coast. One success I have had so far, beyond driving 2500+ miles from Fort McMurray, Alberta, to Fresno, California, is this:

I successfully, IN ONE TIME WITH NO REPEAT TRIPS TO THE DMV, imported and registered a Canadian vehicle in the most complicated state in these here United States! No plates yet, because I ordered one of the coastal specialty platesDN03-WHALE-DC (because beach bum, yo), and those will need to be sent from Sacramento instead of issued at the DMV. Still, I am registered and good to go!

Beyond that, this will be the new chapter in my life, and I hope to document plenty of success at more than just getting by. I hope you enjoy the story.


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