About Me

I’m an economic and community development planner/real estate developer from San Diego. I’ve been laid off twice during this recession-type thing that we’ve been experiencing. After the second time, things were so bad that I wound up taking a consulting position in Afghanistan. My fiancee is one of the “underemployed” you occasionally hear about in the media…working a part-time teaching job instead of doing a full-time Human Resources job like she has done in the past. My Afghanistan job pays well enough for us to continue to get by (make the car payments, keep current on the mortgage, etc.), but I want to do better. Frankly, the country is barely “getting by” and I want it to do better as well. And selfishly, if the country does better, I’m likely to do better as well. So maybe in a sense, this blog is about my selfish desire to be able to find a decently paying job in my field somewhere back in the United States (I harbor no delusions about whether California will recover enough to allow me to stay in San Diego), by trying to offer ideas and solutions about how to create jobs and actually grow the economy. I’ve got no idea if anyone will listen, but I’m going to shout all I can.

  1. I have written an article for the Labor and Employment Relations magazine that will come out this November for the “Perspectives on Work” annual magazine. It is about “job creation”…and how “job training” is NOT “job creation” as politicians like to call it. Send me your email and I will forward the article to you. 🙂

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