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Bill Moyers’ website ran an interesting article today. The article was a discussion of what life was like in Iraq under Saddam Hussein before and after the US invasion in 2003. The difference is that it wasn’t written by an “expert” on the Iraqi situation who traveled the country extensively with the military, media, contractors, or an NGO. Rather, it was an actual Iraqi citizen.

“The US destroyed that Iraqi national identity and replaced it with sectarian and ethnic identities after 2003.” Very interesting statement, and definitely runs counter to everything the mainstream media put out, even after Gulf War I. I particularly thought the Kurdish situation was a noticeable internal conflict prior to our involvement in 1990-1991, but the author states that it wasn’t. Personally, I’d suspect that the Kurdish situation was a little more “prominent” than the author may have been aware of, but likely wasn’t as prominent as the US media and political machines made it out to be. Given the author’s statements about Saddam being a “run of the mill” dictator with the usual attacking of dissidents, I’d suspect that the Sunni/Shia conflict was there, but the US invasion that knocked Saddam out of power shifted the balance of power in that conflict and set up opportunities for revenge on years and years of abuses. The New York Times has an interesting “before and after” set of sectarian maps of Iraq that show how the invasion altered the religious and sectarian divisions within the country. Either way, definitely an interesting article.